The Amazon Rainforest Doesn’t Produce 20% of Our Oxygen, Here’s Why

You may have seen images like this all over social media. The Amazon rainforest is burning, and these images have, understandably, caused international alarm, with media outlets, NGO’s and politicians all weighing in on the conversation about the value of one of the most unique and biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. Amidst all the discussion, […]

The Invisible NOW Problem And How Different Countries Are Fighting It…

Hello, hello. Welcome to your extra morning news show. My name is Philip DeFranco and today we’re gonna be talking about what’s keeping the lights on in your home, your office, or factory and that is *magic* (it is not magic). When we talk about pollution and global warming, most of us probably think of […]

Brazil and California: Partners on Renewable Energy Grid Integration

PAUL GHIOTTO: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] This is Paul Ghiotto from the U.S. Embassy Brasilia Brazil. I Have the pleasure today to begin our web chat with Angelina Galiteva of the California Independent Systems Operator Board as well as Renewables 100. This web chat is hopefully the first of a series of web chats with renewable energy […]

Solar power lighting villages in the Amazon rainforest

Using this [technology], we don’t have an impact on the environment. We are not damming a river or changing the entire life-cycle of a river to generate energy. You simply mount the panels, install a system, and we are already supplying energy to our community. Indigenous people have energy demands. Today, all their energy demands […]