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How Coronavirus Quarantines Lead To A Drop In Air Pollution

As coronavirus quickly spreads around the world, it’s forcing people to stay put and wreaking havoc on the economy. Employees are either out of a job or working from home. Factories are shuttering, and with mandates to stay inside becoming the new norm, people aren’t driving or flying. Given this Stanford Earth Systems Professor Marshall […]

EPA Is Giving Polluters A Free Pass During Pandemic

The environmental protection agency has been fairly quiet recently and, you know, mostly because they’re not involved in any of this pandemic response. But they did finally chime in this week and they offered their 2 cents on how best to handle this pandemic and their solution was more pollution, the EPA says. More environmental […]

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The Future Of Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion

Over the past decade, prices for solar panels and wind farms have reached all time lows, leading to hundreds of gigawatts worth of new renewable energy generation. As the saying goes though, the wind isn’t always blowing and the sun isn’t always shining.If, for example, it’s a beautiful sunny day and we’ve got a super […]

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Bill Maher’s DUMBEST Statement EVER

>>While Bill Maher says he’s in favor of publicly financed elections, he had some pretty harsh words for Democrats who have rejected corporate PAC money or money from some of these big dollar donors. Take a look.>>Finally, new rule, Democratic candidates have to stop telling me who they will not take money from. Money from […]

The Future of Crude in the Texas of the North

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