Greenpeace fly Superman drone into French nuclear power plant – 247 news

Greenpeace has crashed a Superman-shaped drone into a French nuclear plant to show its vulnerability to outside attacks, campaigners said The environmental group has deliberately flown the drone – piloted by one of its activists – into the no-fly zone around utility EDF’s Bugey nuclear plant, near Lyon, and then crashed it against the wall […]

Why Global Military Spending Is On The Rise

Global military spending is on the rise. That means more and better equipped soldiers on land more warships at sea and more high tech fighter jets in the skies. In 2018, worldwide, military spending hit 1.8 trillion dollars. It has reached the highest point since us at SIPRI have started compiling world data over the […]

Why US Airports Are So Bad

Singapore’s Changi Airport is considered by many travelers to be the best in the world. Have a long layover? Stop by the butterfly garden or catch a Disney film at the airports movie theater. In Qatar’s Hamad Airport for a few hours? For about 50 bucks, travelers can swim laps in a 25 meter indoor […]

Is A Recession Inevitable?

If I had to pick up a date for the next recession, it would be sometime in 2020. So you can certainly make the case that there’s a lot of areas where things look a bit unsettled. The fact of the matter is people are looking and saying, I don’t feel like it’s any easier […]

Why Station Wagons Are More Popular In Europe Than America

Wagons away Hi, I’m Jack Smith and right now, it’s station wagon savings time in the west. Time to hit the trail in high style with all a will comfort, but only a Rambler station wagon can give you. The station wagon was once a fixture of American family life. It was a common sight […]

Rick Perry Approves The Sale Of Nuclear Power Tech To Saudi Arabia

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has approved six secret authorizations by companies to sell nuclear power technology assistance to Saudi Arabia. RT correspondent Brigida Santos joins me now with the story. Brigida, before we go into too much detail, give me an idea of what the story’s about. Perry has approved at least six Part […]

How Google And Gmail Dominated Consumer Email

Hi, I’m Gmail. And I’m Hotmail. I have one gigabyte of storage, which means I don’t have to keep deleting my emails. Well, don’t you think that deleting your emails can be rather therapeutic? Sure, buddy. I can also use keywords to search quickly through my email. How about you? Well, I keep my favorite […]

Why Starbucks Is Struggling In South Africa

Starbucks and Domino’s. What do those brands have in common in the U.S.? Not much. But in South Africa, they’re run by the same parent company. Taste Holdings. And that company is struggling after opening 12 Starbucks in South Africa, Taste announced in November 2014 that it would stop the rollout of new stores. The […]

Is Nuclear Fusion The Answer To Clean Energy?

Think of nuclear power, and many imagine the worst. Atomic bombs, reactors melting down, radioactive wastes. There’s no denying that the history of nuclear is fraught, and the dramatic and disturbing moments hard to forget. But for the most part, nuclear energy operates out of sight and out of mind, generating about 10 percent of […]

WNH#8:Reliance Defence, fake currency, Hydro Power Projects, Guardian Series, military choppers

Welcome to WARN, Today World News Headlines Are. Reliance Defence signs pack to service and maintain 50-70 warships of US Navy’s 7th fleet Months after India and US signed a key logistics pact, Reliance Defence and Engineering today announced an agreement with the American Navy for repair and alteration services for warships of the largest […]