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FREE Renewable Energy, Gravity Fed, Green Electricity Generating Machine

Hello! My name is Andrew Jones, for a while now I have been looking at the free energy machines on YouTube, on internet and have seen there is a lot of controversy, a lot of arguments and a lot of conflicts and opinions about what works and what doesn’t work, what won’t work etcetera. So […]

PBS NewsHour full episode December 24, 2019

JUDY WOODRUFF: Good evening. I’m Judy Woodruff. On the “NewsHour” tonight: no end in sight:. The shelling of civilians continues in Syria. Meanwhile, the suspicious death of a humanitarian working in the country is raising concerns. Then: the Trump agenda — efforts by the president to resist new environmental rules now a rallying cry on […]

Going Solar Part 1 – Installing a 4kW PV Array at the Automated Home

having watched the price of solar panels steadily fall over the last few years and seeing a drop in incentives on the horizon we decided to pull the trigger on a system for the automated home. Whilst we could have mounted some panels on the south-facing roof at the front of the house, they wouldn’t […]

ENGLISH ADDICT LATE – Lesson 13 – LIVE Chat – WEDNESDAY 4th DEC 2019 – Christmas Lights Switch On

so here we go this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for after days and days of preparation weeks weeks in fact we are now ready to turn on the outside Christmas lights are you ready mr. Steve I do are you ready I am ready I do i do what do I do […]

Minstrel Island pristine waterfront lots. Nancy Smith RE/MAX Anchor Realty, BC, Canada

Nancy Smith RE/MAX Anchor Realty Nancy Smith RE/MAX Anchor Realty Nancy Smith RE/MAX Anchor Realty

What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

Lithium Battery Charging with an Alternator

Hello, how you doing? Thanks very much for watching. Tomorrow here in the United Kingdom is a bank holiday but you wouldn’t think it. Because the sheer mention of a holiday here, and it usually throws it down with rain. But for the last couple of days we’ve been baking in fantastic sun, all day […]

Solar charging my Lithium Batteries

Hi, how are you doing? Thanks very much for watching. Well, what a difference a day makes! This time yesterday, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the day turned out to be the hottest day, April day since 1949. And by this time, which is round about 8 o’clock in the morning, I had […]