How I Built DIY Camper Van for $6000 / Smart Ideas for Conversion!

Nuclear Power Money Buys Govt – Cenk Rant on MSNBC

well the president hasn’t backed away from nuclear energy despite the unfolding tragedy in japan, cenk uygur has some thoughts on that in our “daily rant.” hello, sir. i’m really, really worried about what’s happening in japan. we’re going to talk about it at 6:00. i think there’s of course, some chance we’re on the […]

How to Build a Home Made Camper Van / Start to Finish DIY Off-Grid Conversion

How to Make Hydraulic Robotic Arm from Cardboard!

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Free Energy – Akula 120 Watt Ferrite Generator – Input only 22 Watts

Free Energy – Akula 120 Watt Ferrite Generator – Input only 22 Watts This is the new design from Akula ( Roman) which shows us his new ferrite core setup. The ferrite cores are specially heated so they give up more resonance energy. The input power into this device is only around 22 […]

Homesteading Family Living Off-Grid in a Spectacular Earthship

[Inspiring Music Playing]>>MARIE: So we bought this house, which is a kind of earthship, 10 years ago and we renovated it while we were living in Quebec City and we now live full-time in it for 2 years. And it’s an off-grid house. We live on solar panels, and rainwater, and with a composting toilet. […]

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I Converted an Old Van into a Cozy Home on Wheels! (Campervan Conversion & Tour)

– Hey there, guys. My name is Jordan, and this is my home. (soft electronic music) She’s a 1986 Toyota HiAce with a pop top roof, and as of two and a half weeks ago, it is now my full time home and office on wheels. So, in this video, I wanted to show you […]