Photovoltaic Self-Consumption: Impacts on Electrical Installation Design | Schneider Electric

Hello, Photovoltaic self-consumption brings fundamental changes in the electrical installation. Let’s discover why. When you integrate photovoltaic energy production to your building rooftop, car park or façade, there are two main ways of using it: export the produced power to the grid, or self-consume it. Exporting to the grid used to be the most popular […]

Photovoltaic Self-Consumption: 4 Ways to Manage Excess PV Production | Schneider Electric

Hello, in this video you will discover four ways to manage excess photovoltaic production. In installation with photovoltaic system, the loads consumption does not completely match with the photovoltaic production. When the photovoltaic power, presented in green, exceeds the loads consumption, presented in grey, there are several ways to manage the excess power: inject it […]