How Net-Zero Buildings Can Help The Climate Crisis

When one thinks about fighting climate change, the first thing that comes to mind is wind turbines or solar panels or electric cars. But look around. A huge part of the solution is the building you’re sitting in right now and the buildings we’re gonna build nationally and globally over the next decades. One reason […]

Historic Buildings of Iowa: Des Moines

Narrator: In Iowa’s capital city of Des Moines rest the stories and structures that shaped our state, its people, and our government. Buildings that date back more than a century to a time of burgeoning businesses and westward expansion. Historic homes that now welcome visitors or remain the primary residence for the governor of Iowa. […]

Energy Efficiency Measures to Boost Building Renovation

>>SEAN ESTERLY: Hello everyone! I’m Sean Esterly with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and welcome to today’s webinar, which is being hosted by the Clean Energy Solutions Center in partnership with Enerdata. Today’s webinar is focused on energy efficiency measures to boost building renovation. One important note of mention before we begin the webinar is […]

What is a Zero Energy Building?

What is a zero energy building? Most buildings today use a lot of energy – to keep the lights on, cool the air, heat water, and power personal devices. Even installing solar systems will not significantly counter the heavy energy load. There are, however, some buildings that strike a balance; or even tip the scales […]

Amazing Isolated Houses Hidden in the World

– [Narrator] Don’t you ever wish you were rich enough to have a home so isolated it took you hours or even days to get somewhere to buy groceries? Maybe you’re more of the type to surround yourself with groups of people. Whichever you are, you’ll be amazed at how incredibly remote some of these […]