Designing Solutions for an Engineering Marvel

[music] Don Jones: There’s no end to need for engineering people here. From small jobs to big jobs—overhauling the third power house to designing a new shaft for a motor, sizing cranes, designing containment for blast walls between transformers. Whole spectrum… tons of stuff going on in this facility. [music] Every job is extremely specific […]

Supplying a Hydropower Workhorse

[music] Fred Jordan On Phone: Hey Dan, Fred Jordan here returning your call. Fred Jordan: Our mission here at Reclamation is to get the part or the service at the right price at the right time. I consider myself a project/contract specialist/purchasing/overall salesman in order to get it all done. And you have to take […]

Grand Coulee Dam: A Man-Made Marvel (Full Movie)

[ wind ]>>A century ago, many looked at the Columbia Basin as a vast wasteland. But a few dreamers saw something more, an idea to turn that harsh landscape into acres of farmland. [ Music ]>>These visionaries understood the potential of the Columbia River. The power to irrigate, create energy, and control flows would become […]

Prize Competition – Powering Electronic Equipment on a Rotating Shaft

[Sound Effect] Jason: Behind me you can see the rotating element from a 165-megawatt generating unit, but when it’s spinning at over 150 rpm and weighing over one million pounds the physical forces on it can be extreme. The better we can understand the vibrations and electrical forces that are on this unit the longer […]

Forging a Hydroelectric Future

[music] Dorothy Harris: Machining, welding, pipefitting, cleaning, oiling. A hydromechanic is everything but electrical. We balance. We rotate. We take apart. We put together. And that’s just the beginning. [music] In the United States Navy, I spent 16 years as an aviation metal smith. Heavy structures was my specialty. I got out, wandered the globe, […]

Renewable Energy: Hydropower

[Multiple sounds from various news clips] Narrator: Renewable Energy. You can’t turn on the TV or go online without seeing the headlines. From peak oil concerns to environmental impacts, we are all looking for ways to provide an energy resource that is reliable, renewable and environmentally sound. [Music] [Music] Here at the Bureau of Reclamation, […]

Revitalizing and Managing the Nation’s Powerhouse

[music] Lorri Lee: Grand Coulee Dam is one of our Nation’s greatest assets and is considered the region’s crown jewel. It’s the largest capacity hydropower project in the US and the 4th largest in the world. Between power production and irrigation, it produces nearly $2 billion a year in benefits. But like all great public […]

Estimating Reservoir Water Storage Capacity

Sean Kimbrel – As sediment accumulates in a reservoir, the capacity of that reservoir decreases. To meet various demands and beneficial uses, such as for water supply, and hydropower generation Paul Boyd – Reservoir sedimentation is a chronic issue. It will affect all reservoirs sooner or later. It’s simply a matter of time. In some […]