Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Brandon and the Electric Fence

Brandon:Burnie tried to murder me in New Zealand. Burnie:So, guys, I am going to tell you the story of Brandon… and the electric fence. [Laughter] Burnie: As you know, New Zealand has a reputation for having these, like, rolling green hills that are gorgeous. So we were looking over this huge valley, just across this […]

Season 4, Episode 73 – Under the Weather | Red vs. Blue

*Intro Music* Tucker: *Groaning* Church: Man, he sounds terrible. Caboose: Yeah, he’s been like that since the swamp. Church: Swamp? You guys were at a swamp? Caboose: Yeah. It was dark and swampy. I WASN’T SCARED AT ALL. Church: Is this why you guys came home so fast? Caboose: No… we came home because the […]