Giant cardboard robot arms, and eyelashes for your car. It’s episode 14 of Lüt. This optical mouse transforms into a mechanical beast that can battle your pig-shaped desk vacuum. Be sure to team it up with this USB flashdrive. And here’s a Chinese farmer who grows pears inside molds so they wind up looking like […]

Solar Battery Charger (LiPo/Li-Ion) || DIY or Buy

A while ago. I realized that I got quite a few solar panels laying around that are not being used for anything Due to the nature of solar panels, it is obviously not possible though To directly connect them to projects and thus use them as power sources They’re constantly altering output voltage and current […]

Battery Spot Welder (CD Welder) || DIY or Buy

In a previous project video I showed you how to create a battery pack out of 18650 lithium ion batteries. Back, then I utilized a rather riskier and not recommended methods of connecting the battery cells together. By soldering the nickel strips directly to them. This can be dangerous because you heat up the battery […]

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment? Brent Has Some Brilliant Insight into Solar Installs [WORTH IT!]

Brent Reveals some brilliant insight into his solar panel installation experience. So, Are Solar Panels a Good Investment? Stay tuned! My name is Brent I live here in Garden Grove. I’ve been here for almost 17 years now and I’ve recently invested with Semper Solaris for a brand new roof and solar panels my big […]