Where Does All Our Oil Come From?

We all know about oil drilling, but there are way more ways to get fossil fuels. Let’s DRINK THAT MILKSHAKE! Fossil fuels are a worldwide essential resource. We use coal, petroleum, natural gas, propane, diesel, kerosene and so on for manufacturing, fuel, power, heat… Honestly, they’re part of almost everything we do every day. Fossil […]

A Weird New Way To Extend Your Phone Battery

If you’re sick of your phone’s battery dying when you need it most, there might be good news around the corner. Scientists are working on a weird new way to make your battery last longer. Hey guys, Amy here on DNews, and if you’re anything like me you use your phone for a lot more […]

How Uranium Becomes Nuclear Fuel

There’s a lot of talk about nuclear technology, what with Iran and Fukushima and Green Energy being thrown around every day. But how do we even MAKE nuclear fuel? Howdy atomic children, Trace here for DNews… Despite the controversy they often raise, nuclear power plants are a huge source of energy. The Environmental Protection Agency […]

This New ‘Perfect’ Battery Has Experts Stumped

The Lithium ion battery has made our modern phones, laptops, and electric cars possible. The secret is its ability to cram a lot of power into a tiny package, but for its inventor John B Goodenough, that wasn’t good enough. Nearly 40 years after he helped create a battery that would change the world, Goodenough […]

The Future Of Clean Nuclear Energy Is Coming

Nuclear power is like the unloved child of sustainable energy. It’s got so much potential, but it only gets noticed when it does something wrong. If only people could just see how cool it is. Ahoy-hoy fallout boys and girls, Julian here for DNews and today we’re going to talk about nuclear power. Now I […]

How We Turn Solar Energy Into Electricity

I have a very distinct memory of tv telling me, “every hour the sun beams enough solar energy to power our planet for a year.” Solar power, however, has yet to deliver on this promise from my children’s television. Why is it so hard???? The sun shines on us every day, it comes down here […]

Does Recycling Actually Help?

This episode of DNews is brought to you by the Toyota Prius. Let’s lead the way. So you’re walking down the street with an empty water bottle in your hand and toss it in a trashcan thinking “it’s one bottle. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t recycle it.” Well, that one […]

Can We Power Everything With Solar Panels?

It’s 2015, I always thought the world look like the jetsons right now with flying cars and clean energy? While we’re still waiting on a flying car, clean energy, especially solar, has come a long away. Hey guys Julia here for DNews We’ve talked about solar power here on DNews before a lot. To see […]

Storing the Sun’s Energy in Liquid Could Change Solar Forever

The sun puts out a lot of energy, more of it hits the earth in an hour than humankind could use in a year And we’re really not taking advantage of it, the US got less than 1% of its electricity from solar power in 2016. If we could get that number higher, we could […]

Which Power Source Is Most Efficient?

This episode of Dnews is brought to you by Domain.com. Fossil fuel energy is the most common type of power plant in the United States, but solar just hit a HUGE milestone that might make them finally shine past the competition. For all the talk about solar panels being better for the environment, they are […]