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Solar Panel Installation in Chino California | Solar Company Near Me | Ampsun Energy Inc.

SCI-Arc/Caltech’s Solar Decathlon 2011 Architecture Audiovisual Presentation

California is the home of innovation where new ideas are born. We’ve been pioneers in raising environmental standards and advancing clean energy. We embody this in our active lifestyle and in the technology we use. This tech is in our lives, but not in our homes. SCI-Arc and Caltech have teamed up for the 2011 […]

Have you ever seen an atom?

Have you ever seen at atom? Seeing as everything is made of them, you have. But have you ever seen one on its own? Over time, microscopes have become more and more powerful, allowing us to see deeper into the world of the ultra-small. Traditional light microscopes can be used to see things like these […]

California’s aging, unstable and fragile electricity grid, explained

Every minute of every day in California, people flip a switch and in an instant, a light comes on. Power on-call and at our fingertips anytime, day or night, is so expected, so taken for granted that most of us don’t even give it a thought. But where does that power come from? For most […]

Could selling PG&E to its customers help solve California’s power problems?

JUDY WOODRUFF: When wildfires broke out again in California last month, residents weren’t just worried about the fires themselves. Many were angry and frustrated over intentional blackouts that were designed to reduce the risks of even more fires. The state’s largest utility, PG&E, was the target of much of that anger. The company’s maintenance of […]