Be the Solution | Sono Motors

We have the opportunity to start with a completely blank piece of paper, we can start from scratch and have a complete rethink. The Sion is a piece of the sustainable mobility puzzle. It’s not the answer to all the questions, but it makes a crucial contribution to being able to depict sustainable mobility in […]

Nuclear Power Money Buys Govt – Cenk Rant on MSNBC

well the president hasn’t backed away from nuclear energy despite the unfolding tragedy in japan, cenk uygur has some thoughts on that in our “daily rant.” hello, sir. i’m really, really worried about what’s happening in japan. we’re going to talk about it at 6:00. i think there’s of course, some chance we’re on the […]

Guest Pastor Billy Crone: “Israel and the Coming Holocaust”

I would like to introduce pastor Billy Crone again I’m excited for what he has for us tonight oh my goodness please if you have an opportunity to gather some of his writings and his videos do so you would be blessed richly blessed so I’ll stop talking now and let pastor Billy Crone do […]

Campaign Contribution & Solar Energy & CPS Funding

>>>Coming up next on “Arizona Horizon,” a debate on the merits of a new law that greatly increases the amount Of money that individuals and organizations can give to Arizona political candidates. A children’s advocate will Talk about why increased Funding for CPS may not be enough to protect Arizona’s children. And we’ll look at […]

Energy 21: Building an Engaged Audience

DAVID SHELBY: Good afternoon, thank you for joining us for today’s program, Building An Engaged Audience. My name is David Shelby. I’m with US State Department. And I will be the moderator for today’s program. This program is brought to you by the US Embassy in South Africa. And it is part of the Embassy’s […]