Research Impact at the University of Leicester

Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, so what we’re trying to do is work out how we can remove disease in animals and prevent infection in humans. Atrial fibrillation is the commonest heart rhythm disturbance that we see in clinical practice every day, so in the UK we’re talking about over a million people. […]

SMA Smart Connected: worry-free solar energy

My name is Ron Klaps and I am operations manager at Opteco. We have been working with SMA for many years. They have a tool called the SMA Smart Connected service. This is a real help to us as installers. If there is a malfunction in the inverter, we receive an email or a message […]

sprayLD – New technique offers spray-on power

It may look more like Junkyard Wars than high tech, but this device is the first step toward spray-on solar cells. Invented by researcher Illan Kramer of the University of Toronto and IBM, the set-up uses parts you can buy at an art store to spray liquid containing light-sensitive particles onto any flexible surface.

ongrid solar inverter nedir ? what is on grid solar inverter (English subtitled)

Hi I m Kerem Cilli today I will talk about on-grid solar inverter first of all we start with the question “what is the on-grid solar inverter ?” on-grid inverter first mandatory is “public grid” if grid healthy (for more countries 220V AC ) inverter can able to produce energy otherwise inverter will not produce […]

What is Water Hammer?

You might know that most liquids are incompressible (or least barely-compressible), which means no matter how much pressure you apply, their volume doesn’t change. This can be really useful, like in hydraulic cylinders, but that lack of “springiness” can also lead to catastrophic failure of pipe systems. Hey I’m Grady, and this is Practical Engineering. […]

National Labs Improving Photovoltaic Technology

Charlie Gay: Lower costs will come about as a sum of a number of parts. Our National Renewable Energy Lab is unique… Being able to create the fundamental models for how materials perform, the equipment and infrastructure to actually make the materials that follow those models, and they have the test hardware to prove that […]

Electric Energy

♪♪♪ -Turn on, turn off. Plug in, unplug. Gestures we perform every day whenever we need to. Electric energy is such an integral part of our lives that we forget about it in the end. But just what is electricity? To better understand this phenomenon, we need to think about the world at the atomic […]

Nuclear Energy: Is Fission the Future? | California Academy of Sciences

♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ (somber music) ♪Nuclear power is the one technologywhere very good experts, very well-educated, smart, thoughtful people, can disagree on very fundamental grounds. Why are they talking about this? Well, with our increasing energy use,alternative energy sources are crucial for our future.Nuclear power is carbon or greenhouse gas freeif you look […]

How NASA Engineers Use Origami To Design Future Spacecraft

Origami is the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. For years it has been used to create stunning works of art. But it has also been used in maybe more surprising ways, like car airbags, stents and even space exploration. What we want in space are large structures, not necessarily massive, but large. Which means […]

2 – Insert solar panels (Skelion tutorial)

Insert panels The `Insert components´ button opens 3 dialogs depending on the selected objects Let’s start selecting an edge and a face. The edge can be a border or any other edge in the same plane. There are 2 conventions for the azimuth: 180º or 360º. Let’s begin with the following values. We choose a […]