Electric Mercedes – 5 BEST Features!

10 Electric Cars for 2019 and Beyond

– [Glenn] Are electric cars still the wave of the future? Car makers seem to think so. From retro to futuristic, electric cars are coming out in droves. This is Glenn and today we are bringing you 10 electric vehicles for 2019 and beyond. – [Woman] Number 10. – [Glenn] Aiming to rival Bentley and […]

Is the Tesla Supercharger Network Untouchable?

– Tesla supercharger network is the largest and fastest of any company in the world. Despite what some others may claim and things you may hear out there, now Tesla just started to roll out their brand new V3 Supercharger network all across North America. So, I thought it was good time to dive in […]

Improving my electric longboard with a CAN Bus! What can the CAN Bus do? EB#44

0-100 km/h in 2.15 seconds! Crazy-Quick Electric Race Car From Team Delft

Delft is a small town in the Netherlands between the Hague and Rotterdam. We’re a team based in Delft that every year builds a formula-style race car for the Formula Student competition. This year, we are again designing a Formula Student car, which means building a small, open-wheeled, open-cockpit car that can go incredibly fast. […]

MIT Media lab shows off urban, electric vehicles

At the opening of its new Media Lab, MIT showed off green urban transportation work. The different vehicles are known as the Smart Cities project. One such vehicle is the CityCar, a compact vehicle that can carry two passengers. Four of the electric vehicles can fit in a parking space that would normally accommodate only […]

Tiny Electric Car Cost $420,000 To Build | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Rick: The coolest feature to me is that it can get through traffic faster than any car in history. We get so many reactions from people watching it, It’s amazing. Rick: Hi I’m Rick Woodbury, I’m president and founder of commuter cars. I started this company 21 years ago It was based on an idea […]

Flying Electric RC Car – Test Drive First Flight #1

Hyundai Kona Electric India | First Drive Review | ZigWheels.com

There’s a lot riding on the small shoulders of this Hyundai SUV why do I say so because the Kona is the first long-range electric vehicle to be launched in India so there are lot of high expectations. And also being an electric vehicle there be lot of questions what’s the range like how is […]

Китайские электромобили. Малыш Chery EQ1 VS кроссовер Chery Tiggo/URBAN ELECTRIC

Chery is a true Chinese car-giant The company was founded in the late 90s I, Stepan, worked at the negotiations between Chery and the Ukrainian claimant for the dealership My friend was promoting Chery brand in Ukraine Once I tried to supply original Chery parts to the CIS markets I didn’t succeed, now I want […]