BRIMS tool a first-of-a-kind for nuclear industry

Innovation at work. It’s core to Bruce Power. We are North America’s largest operating nuclear facility. Our 2,300 acre site on the shores of Lake Huron houses the Bruce A and B generating stations which each hold four CANDU reactors. Bruce Power generates 6,300 megawatts, providing power to over one in four homes, schools, hospitals […]

Snow Melts – Carbon-free, clean hydropower

the new snow melts rainfalls rivers form this happens all over the world but when it happens here something wonderful unfolds a renewable source of energy created without releasing even an ounce of co2 into the earth’s atmosphere that’s something we can all breathe a little easier knowing

HACE Wave Energy Power Generation Systems

Tomorrow, nearly 75% of the world’s population will live close to a shoreline Wave energy represents nearly 80.000 TWh per year That’s more than 3 times the electricity consumption of the entire world! Harnessing this energy is now possible HACE is the solution Jean Luc Stanek, President of HACE Patented Disruptive Technology Multiple awards as […]

New solar system for improved energy-efficiency

Finding creative solutions to energy issues and energy – efficient buildings has become a major priority for Europe in recent years. Today simple, non-polluting technologies are deployed quickly. This industrial building in Malta hosts the prototype of an EU-funded optical system developed in the framework of the European project DiGeSPo. Its Concentrated-solar technology will be […]