Could We Reverse Global Warming? | Unveiled

Is It Possible to Reverse Global Warming? The average temperature on Earth is rising. And although some have written climate change off as “natural”, according to NASA reports 97% of working scientists agree that the driving force for global warming is human activity. If it’s left unchecked, we could be facing a global catastrophe. So, […]

Hey Aldo! Which village are you destroying to be “carbon neutral?”

Este es mi amigo Tom Tom vive en un hermoso lugar en Chile llamado el “Cajón del Maipo” Es ingeniero en recursos naturales, le gusta hacer rafting y caminar en las montañas, y tiene una hija Esa pequeña niña es mi hija que también ama este río El río Maipo es muy importante para Tom […]

HACE Wave Energy Power Generation Systems

Tomorrow, nearly 75% of the world’s population will live close to a shoreline Wave energy represents nearly 80.000 TWh per year That’s more than 3 times the electricity consumption of the entire world! Harnessing this energy is now possible HACE is the solution Jean Luc Stanek, President of HACE Patented Disruptive Technology Multiple awards as […]

Britain’s Forgotten Renewable: Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy is a unique opportunity to build industry in communities where it is often missed out most. Building on the history and traditions of our collieries but with a new industry that is clean, safe and that can provide both energy and jobs where they are needed. Currently, the former mine workings are treated […]

Small Solar Power Setup (For electric bike charging)

Electric vehicles, such as electric bikes, are becoming more more popular but is it viable to charge electric vehicles from solar power? everyone knows what solar panels are, but what I want to do is build a small scale solar panel setup that’ll be useful for charging my electric bike as well as possibly powering […]

Can A City Run On 100% Renewable Energy?

[MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN WOLFF: Actually, it’s more like 1,600 tons of wood chips, give or take. What you’re looking at is a train unloading fuel for the McNeil Generating Station, a biomass power plant in Burlington, Vermont. McNeil can generate 50 megawatts of power by burning 76 tons, or roughly three truckloads of wood chips […]

“Carbon neutral” is not enough: Ecosia has built its own solar plants

So here’s the thing, the climate emergency is upon us. And if we want to make it through this, we have to plant millions of trees, which, you know, Ecosia does. But that’s not gonna be enough. We also have to say goodbye to fossil fuels, once and for all, and accelerate the transition to […]