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Solar Panel Installation and Service Temecula.The best solar company in Temecula ca is We Care. There are many solar companies in Temecula but We Care has a local presence and customer service that cannot be matched by other solar companies. We Care provides solar for all of temecula. They do solar roofing and solar panel […]

Best solar power company in Menifee Ca | Solar panel installation Financing options

Best solar power company in Menifee Ca. Solar panel installation Financing options. Welcome to the best solar company in Menifee CA. If you need solar panel installation in Menifee CA, we care offers the best solar installation available. We care has been the best solar power company in Menifee CA For many years. If you […]

Solar-powered irrigation

I want to show you some of the clever green technologies we use in agriculture in Africa. One of them is right behind me. I want to show you how we get water to the fields without using any diesel fuel. Most of our fields have water bodies near them. On this farm we have […]