Live: Solar Powered Xiaomi M365 Scooter Unlimited Range ☀️ Genasun GVB-8 Lithium 41.7V Boost Charger

They’re into there and I opened up the battery compartment and Okay, I don’t know what’s happening to the stream because I have strong signal Anyway, I connected the Genasun GVB-8 Lithium 41.7 Volt lithium Charger, which is what connects the solar cells to The battery and On the battery. I just connected I just […]

Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived

The Mars rover, Curiosity, is the latest in a long line of missions to Mars… Landers sent to scoop its soil and study its rocks, orbiters sent to map its valleys and ridges. They are all asking the same question. Did liquid water once flow on this dry and dusty world? Did it support life […]

Explore the Solar System with Bill Nye!

♪ Science Magic Show ♪ ♪ Science Magic Show ♪ ♪ Science Magic Show ♪ ♪ Science Magic Show ♪ ♪ Science Magic Show ♪ ♪ Science Magic Show ♪ ♪ Hooray ♪ -Guess what. We have a very special guest at The Washington Post today. It’s Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society. -Hi, […]

White Holes | Space Time

This episode is supported by LegalZoom. Lurking in the depths of the mathematics of Einstein’s general relativity is an object even stranger than the mysterious black hole. In fact, it’s the black hole’s mirror twin: the white hole. Some even think that these could be the origin of our universe. The astrophysical phenomenon of the […]