Worth Quoting: Hazel Henderson -Think Globally, Act Locally

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to Worth Quoting, a program sponsored by Florida Community College’s Open Campus and part of our speaker series. I’m Carol Miner, the provost of Open Campus and your host today. My special guest is Hazel Henderson, who is definitely worth quoting. She’s an author, a futurist, an economist, and someone who’s really […]

Worth Quoting: Hazel Henderson and Elisabet Sahtouris – The Sustainable Future

[BEEPING] Our planet has four-and-a half billion years’ experience in organizing workable living systems and fitting new species into the pattern. We’re the only species that has to do it by our own conscious design, and that puts us into this very interesting point now where we have to make the shift. Where, again, like […]