How to make an ELECTRIC Furnace (Foundry) for metal casting Part 1 by VOG (VegOilGuy)

Hi YouTube, my name’s Geoff and I’m the VegOilGuy. A few weeks ago now I promised you an electric foundry build – and here it is. Grade 28 insulating fire bricks. home-made Kanthal Coils. Push button temperature control. Nice big, well insulated lid. Plenty of room for my A6 crucible and I could just squeeze […]

Model L/160 Hydrogen & Oxygen Generator

This hydrogen and oxygen generator is perfect if you’re looking for a safe, reliable unit for your soldering and casting needs. This unit uses electricity by utilizing hydrogen and oxygen, without using a tank, creating a safer, cleaner and more economical fuel. The control knobs will adjust the flames to the size you need. The […]