FREE ENERGY – 1000 Mile Hydro Generator SAILING Trial – Ep 42 Luckyfish

Hi everyone, on board Luckyfish we try and be as energy self sufficient as possible, without relying on a gasoline powered generator. This video shows a unique hydrogenerator installation on our Wharram Tiki 38 catamaran and the performance that we observed over a 1,000 mile sea-trial. The hydrogenerator has proven to be able to supply […]

Ep 5. Our solar panel went for a swim (TAKING THE CHANCE)

On this episode we have our first international guests aboard Añejo we take down our sails ready for a repair and our solar panels arrived But one decides to go swimming you are off the line Hélène and… accident ! After a little misshape last week. Hélène went cleaning this apartment in exchange For our […]

1000 Watts of Solar for our tiny floating home [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 78] (Ep.87)

Ah, hun! Ons gaan nou braai (We are going to braai/barbeque) Say hello to my little friend. How excited are you that there is solar hunny? I’m pretty excited Whats up ninja turtles….*Laughing* What’s up Ninja Turtles so welcome to our tiny little home we are installing a 1000 watts solar panels this this week […]