Multijunction solar cells

Earlier in the week we discussed the Shockley- Queisser limit as a fundamental limit for conversion efficiency of a single-junction solar cell. A key word here is single-junction. In this video, we will introduce the concept of multi-junction solar cells. They are used to surpass the theoretical maximum conversion efficiency of single-junction solar cells: the […]

Solar calculators BUSTED!

why do I have a bunch of cheap calculators on my table because we’re going to do a little investigation it all started with this one a telstar CA 4229 a very basic calculator that ive been using for a number of years now until recently when I accidentally knocked it off the table and […]

Solar power for $1! – Dollar General calculator teardown

Per qualche ragione il mio video riguardante finte calcolatrici solari Sta avendo nuovo successo su YouTube. Quindi quando di recente stavo facendo shopping al Dollar General mi è venuta l’ispirazione di acquistare questa calcolatrice E’ una calcolatrice da un dollaro in una bustina. Non ho bisogno di un’altra calcolatrice, sicuramente non una così economica, ma […]

30W Solar panel Kit Video 2

Welcome back, so now we should have all 12 of our solar cells pre-tabbed and we’re ready to assemble them into our base panel. First we’ll want to number each cell cavity according to the documentation, so that we can easily ascertain what direction and which cells should be placed in each cavity. We’ll start […]

Faces of Chemistry: Organic solar cells (BASF) – Video 3 (16+)

Hi. My name is Ingmar Bruder. I’m a physicist by training and I’m working in BASF as a research scientist. So BASF is the largest chemical company in the world and our business segments are mainly plastics, performance chemicals for example coatings, functional polymers functional solutions, for example catalysts or construction chemicals and certainly agricultural […]

Solar panel yapımında hücrelerinin birleştirilmesi

Merhaba arkadaşlar Bugün hücrelerimizi bir araya getiriyoruz Burada bir dayama hazırladım ben Hepsi aynı hizada dursun diye tek tek burada lehimliyeceğiz burada 50 adet hücremiz bekliyor tek tek sıralayalım şimdi ve sonuncu burada fazla olan uçlarımızı kesiyoruz en sonda kalanlar fazlalık oluyor buradan diğer gruba bağlantı yapılacak bittiğinde bu şakilde olacak öncelikle gene fluxpenimizle lehimleyeceğimiz […]

“The Plant Cell Clique” | SUNG SCIENCE

Welcome to the plant cell time to introduce I’m the nucleus, I run this clique You know I got the juice An envelope has got my back I’m the #1 OG which is short for “Organelle” So let’s meet the fam­i­ly! First up the cell wall Here’s to tell y’all I hold the cell up […]

Hydrogen; Nature’s Fuel

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth. It really is nature’s fuel. We’re at a very interesting stage of development of this technology where it’s not quite ready for prime time time but it’s getting tantalizingly close Fuel cell technology is evolving, the technology is improving constantly. We’re competing in a market that we […]

Plants vs Solar Panels: Which is better at capturing solar energy? | We The Curious

This is an aquatic plant called pondweed, and we can see that it’s making tiny bubbles of gas. This gas is oxygen and all plants produce it in a process called photosynthesis. The word photosynthesis comes from the Greek meaning ‘light’ and ‘putting together’. Plants use the energy in sunlight to make sugars, out of […]