Wholesale Solar Cells – How to Set up Your Solar Power System Cheap

goodnight Andrea hey going you’re obviously looking for some wholesale solar cells thats wholesale solar cells goodnight if you’re researching solar systems its with Avery my man if your song every penny that you spend on because a.m. my electricity bill walls three to four hundred dollars a month %uh it’s now 0 couple bucks […]

Solar calculators BUSTED!

why do I have a bunch of cheap calculators on my table because we’re going to do a little investigation it all started with this one a telstar CA 4229 a very basic calculator that ive been using for a number of years now until recently when I accidentally knocked it off the table and […]

Faces of Chemistry: Organic solar cells (BASF) – Video 3 (16+)

Hi. My name is Ingmar Bruder. I’m a physicist by training and I’m working in BASF as a research scientist. So BASF is the largest chemical company in the world and our business segments are mainly plastics, performance chemicals for example coatings, functional polymers functional solutions, for example catalysts or construction chemicals and certainly agricultural […]

Xiaolin Zheng: Solar Stickers to Power the World | Nat Geo Live

( intro music ) ( applause ) Good morning. It has been a truly exciting week for me. It’s a very empowering experience for me to get to know my fellow emerging explorers. For me, I’m passionate about energy problems. I hope we can have a sustainable energy future. Growing up in China, in the […]

VISIONS — CTRL+P Australia’s Largest Solar Cells

Melbourne researchers have successfully created Australia’s largest and most flexible solar cells, with the aid of a new printer located at CSIRO. The scientists are part of a collaboration between research and industry partners called the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium (VICOSC). This was achieved through the collaboration between The University of Melbourne and the […]

What Are You?

Are you your body? Well, kind of, right? But, is there a line where this stops being true? How much of yourself can you remove before you stop being you, and does the question even make sense? Your physical existence is cells, trillions of them, at least ten times more than there are stars in […]

Solar (Freaking) Impulse – A Solar Airplane That Uses Solar Energy

Once upon a time there were two men that had a dream that went beyond your imagination introducing Solar Impulse Uhh… So wait Is it just like a simple plane? No it uses no fuel No fuel? No fuel, no petrol, not one single drop But how?! Because of solar cells Solar Impulse is a […]

Solar Impulse Airplane – Solar Impulse 2 Wings – #Discover

72 metres long, covered in solar cells, ultra light, and allowing Solar Impulse to fly day and night This is the Solar Impulse wing An extraordinary flight called for an extraordinary wing to be built wider than a Boeing-747 Solar Impulse 2 has a wingspan of 72 metres an additional 9 metres from the prototype […]

DIY 100W Solar Panel: How to Make Homemade Solar Panels from Scratch – Part 1

how to make a homemade solar panel this is the first in three videos of a solar DIY project everything you should know to build a 100 watt solar panel at home in order to charge a 12-volt battery with solar energy a solar panel with 18 volts is required so to build a solar […]