The Nuclear Reactor Graveyard

This is Red Gate Woods which makes up just a small part of the almost 70,000 acres of the Forest Preserves of Cook County. Buried below me are the remains of two very important nuclear reactors, one of which was the worlds first successful nuclear reactor. How it ended up being buried here is a […]

Oklo, the Two Billion Year Old Nuclear Reactor

In 1972, French scientists were testing some uranium taken from the Oklo mine in Gabon, in Central Africa, where they had noticed something odd. They had a lot less usable uranium than they thought they did. Enough uranium to make six nuclear bombs was just… missing. Normally the uranium found in ore comes in three […]

The World’s First Human-Made Nuclear Reactor

The world’s first self-sustaining nuclear reaction did not take place in a laboratory nor did it occur in some remote desert, though that might make sense if you’re about to attempt to control a power that no one has ever attempted to control before! Instead, on December 2nd, 1942, a team of forty-nine scientists and […]

Why Did Fukushima Explode?

Good morning, John. Suddenly, along with the disaster in Japan, it has become kind of necessary to understand a little bit about how nuclear reactors work. And so I hope that you will excuse me postponing my Thoughts from Haiti and instead giving in direction as to how nuclear reactors work and how that pertains […]

What Exactly Happened at Chernobyl?

On April 26, 1986 the Soviet Union’s Chernobyl Power Complex nuclear reactor 4 exploded. The explosion was caused by major fundamental flaws in the reactor design on top of a total disregard for protocol by some of the higher ranking people in charge, despite some serious reservations from more junior members of the staff. But […]

Why Einstein Thought Nuclear Weapons Impossible

Now that we have nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants you might think that it was always Inevitable that we would be able to harness the energy inside the nucleus of atoms But that was far from the case in fact serious scientists, thought the idea was laughable like Nobel laureate Robert Millikan who in […]

How do nuclear power plants work? – M. V. Ramana and Sajan Saini

On a December afternoon in Chicago during the middle of World War II, scientists cracked open the nucleus at the center of the uranium atom and turned nuclear mass into energy over and over again. They did this by creating for the first time a chain reaction inside a new engineering marvel: the nuclear reactor. […]

Sun VS. Atomic Bomb

So, I live in Montana and it’s winter right now and it’s cold and in February walk outside and looks like this. And sometimes I just wish that i lived on Mercury, yeah that looks nice. So, the Sun is awesome whatever you’re doing right now you’re only able to do because of the Sun. […]