Main messages of the UN World Water Development Report 2020, Water and Climate Change


– Honest reviews and advice. Hello and welcome to video. I’m not from the North. We’re looking at this video today, we’re gonna be changing out of this little Triton electric shower for a new type Triton electric shower What I will be taking out here is the Triton T40 Mark 4. They […]

Experts say fighting climate change is our cheapest option

experts say fighting climate change is our cheapest option governments normally don’t act on climate change because of economic costs now, scientists believe it is the cheapest option humanity has researchers investigated the future costs of global warming the cheapest option is to limit the next century’s rise in global temperature the Paris Agreement decided […]

Incandescent vs LED Electricity usage comparison

Hi, I’m comparing light bulbs today. Over here we’ve got an incandescent, over here this is going to be our LED. Let’s see how much electricity they use! Over here, let’s check this out, our incandescent uses about 40 Watts, over here our light bulb uses about 5 Watts. Alright, stay tuned I’ve got more […]

How to Make an Electric Boat – Homemade Hovercraft

Place the motor on the tail of the hovercraft Place the switch and battery Connect the battery to the motor through switch Make this arrangement for the change in the direction of the hovercraft Half of the plate must be stay in the water Now band the plate to see the change of the direction

Why divest from fossil fuels?

[What if the story you’ve been told about climate change is wrong?] For years we’ve been told that climate change is this huge problem with a simple solution: change a lightbulb, drive less. I think common sense told us it was going to take a lot more than that. We were set up to think […]


I’m excited about the roster test and I forgot that they are waiting for me to return it I’ll take it away see you in the next program thank you for being there led a life healthy and sustainable until soon now you see me Y Thank you very much because this is broadcast or […]