Maximum solar panel input PowMr 60 amp mppt solar charge controller

so it’s like a really partly cloudy day today here in Oregon what is it mid-march in my two solar arrays they’re on solar trackers pointing to the you know mid noon Sun anyway it’s been hitting over 800 all day and I get people telling me oh that’s not possible anyway I wanted to […]

Expected input from mppt , 800 watts in solar panels on an PowMr.

00:00 okay something funny I just turned off 00:02 the camera and plugged in my hot water 00:04 heater and the voltage jumped up what 00:07 was happening was my batteries are full 00:09 see now it’s at 700 the male bones in 00:13 here you see now it’s hanging out at 00:15 7:54 out […]