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Charging a golf cart with a solar panel using a Genasun charge controller

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. I wanted to take a minute to show you a really cool product from Genasun. It’s the GV-Boost. Now what it does is it allows you to take the power from a low voltage solar panel and charge a higher voltage battery bank. Now most MPPT charge […]

Solar Powered Off Grid Shed Setup-

Hello Youtubers today’s a little segment is gonna be about solar power. I’ve got an off-grid solar powered shed here and I’m always looking for ideas if anybody has any but right here you see I gotta run Renogy 100 watt panel on top of the shed. Also on top of my solar-powered shed I […]

Solar, how much does it cost?

Two ET Solar at 190 watts. The Trina solar is 185.

Expected input from mppt , 800 watts in solar panels on an PowMr.

00:00 okay something funny I just turned off 00:02 the camera and plugged in my hot water 00:04 heater and the voltage jumped up what 00:07 was happening was my batteries are full 00:09 see now it’s at 700 the male bones in 00:13 here you see now it’s hanging out at 00:15 7:54 out […]

Solar Tech TV: How to Program Your Power Center

Hi, this is Josh with another episode of Solar Tech TV. And today, we’re gonna be looking at our MS4448 Magnum PAE Power Center with a Midnite Classic 150 charge controller installed. By the end of this video, you should have your power center breakers turned on and have all the programming dialed in for […]

Pre-Wired Solar Power Centers from Four Star Solar

My name is Chad Thorpe, I work for Wholesale Solar specifically the division Four Star Solar here at Four Star Solar we deal primarily with off-grid battery backup systems we get a chance to work with products from manufactures across the industry and we have a very good opportunity to see hands on how all […]

Mismatched Solar Panels – What happens? 200W 24V with a 50W 12V

Hi, I’m Amy from the altE Store. I was recently asked a question of someone who had a 200W 24V solar panel, going through an MPPT charge controller, to a 12V battery. They actually asked me, could they add a 50W 12V panel, just to get a little bit extra power. So, I figured we’d […]

A DIY Off-Grid Solar Power System Overview and Wiring

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. We’re going to go over a brief overview of a typical off grid solar electric system. This is just a small demo, and it can scale up as your needs require. But this will give you a good overview of the different pieces involved. Now I’ve got […]

What’s worse? Mismatched solar panels with different amps in series or parallel?

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. So I am going to show how to wire two mismatched solar panels together. I’ve got two 24V solar panels. One is a 24V 200W, and one is a 24V 100W. So this is half the output of this one. So we’re going to take some measurements […]