Solar charge controller

Do you know what happens when you directly connect the existing battery and DC load in your house to solar panel? Most of the people don’t understand the importance of a solar charge controller. Hence, either they install a local solar charge controller or they directly connect solar panels to the battery. If you connect […]

Solar Charge Controller | What is it and How it works in a Solar Power System

Hi. I’m Amy from the altE Store. I’m going to go over the basics of solar charge controllers with you. First let’s take a look where a solar charge controller fits into an off-grid solar system. The charge controller goes between the solar panel and the deep cycle battery. A Charge controller is an important […]

Solar Charge Controller: Off Grid Solar Power System Design – Step 4

Hi. I’m Amy Beaudet from the altE Store. Thank you for watching the 4th of our video series on designing an off-grid solar system. This video will explain how to size the charge controller for your off-grid solar system. We’ll discuss the 2 major types of charge controllers, and figure out how to select the […]