Introduction to Coulomb’s Law or the Electric Force (AP Physics 1/JEE/NEET)

Good morning. We’ve already learned about the law of charges which governs the directions of the forces on pairs of charges. Today we’ll learn about the magnitude of that force. ♪flipping physics♪ This equation is called Coulomb’s Law and is named for Charles Augustin de Coulomb, a French physicist who in 1785 published several papers […]

Electric Charge, Law of Charges, and Quantization of Charge

Good morning. If you rub a rubber balloon against your head, several things happen. Number one, the balloon sticks to your head. – Looking good Mr. P. – Thank you Bo. Number two, some of your hair stand on end… And number three, the ballo – number three, the balloon can now stick to the […]

How Can I Charge My Electric Car If I Live In An Apartment?

How can I charge my electric car if I live in an apartment? Charge where you live life. Charging stations are popping up everywhere, which means you don’t have to limit yourself going only to gas stations. Even with a fast paced life, constantly on the move, it only takes about 40 minutes to charge […]

Double Your Tesla Charging Speed at Home!

MPPT Charge Controller Review – EPSolar EPEver Tracer A Series – 12v Solar Shed

I’m very excited about this package that’s arrived today it’s an EP ever tracer it’s the the tracer 2210A 20 amp MPPT charge controller of course this is really made by EP solar for some reason they’ve decided to name this under the brand EP ever or ep ver I don’t know and anyway it’s […]


The garden house has no fire. Far from people. Whether to install a large solar cell system Was afraid because he was near the road Therefore doing a small series of solar home lighting systems Let’s go to see how to do and the list of things together. VAF cable 2×1.5 roll, 20 meters, 160 […]

Ep. 1 – Electricity BASICS | Industry Fundamentals of Electronics & Electro-Hydraulics

Schroeder Industries presents… Industry Fundamentals of Electronics and Electro-Hydraulics: Electricity BASICS. This e-learning is intended to provide a basic level of knowledge and terms that apply to electronics and electro-hydraulics. Electricity is the most versatile energy source that we have. But, it is also one of the newest: homes and businesses have been using it […]

Best ELECTRIC BIKE from CHINA /$4,000 eBike Review from AliExpress

so China is slowly flooding the market with finished e-bikes and I was very curious how they perform my friend wasn’t confident enough to build his own ebike so he decided to purchase and test it out one of these Chinese ones and he was nice enough to let me review it I I was […]

Ford Electric Vehicles: Using Charge Cord and Status Indicator Lights | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Did you know your plug in hybrid electrical vehicle comes equipped with a 120 volt charging cord for convenient charging at home or wherever you have the opportunity to plug in? Let me tell you about it. The charge cord may be located in the trunk depending on model. Just lift the carpeted floor […]

Introduction To Electric Charge

Hey guys it’s Jade here and welcome to your introduction to electricity. This tutorial is mainly going to focus on electric charge because they are the building blocks of all of electricity whether you’re learning about lightning or light bulbs they are electricity. So we’re going to start by talking about some of the history […]