Bilanzpressekonferenz 2019 | Evonik

Tuesday morning in Essen: Financial press conference at Evonik. The sale of the methacrylates business is the main subject for the many journalists in attendance. Despite a difficult second half of the year, the Executive Board presented strong figures for fiscal 2018. The forecast—adjusted upwards in July—was fully achieved for 2018. Adjusted EBITDA rose by […]

Evonik’s School of Animal Nutrition | Evonik

Evonik products and services have always been based on science and one of the things that we wish our customers to do to maximize the benefits and the value of these products and services is to help them to understand more about the science of animal nutrition. During the Evonik School of Animal Nutrition we […]

How Mepron® can benefit your farm | Evonik

The world’s population continues to grow and so does the global demand for milk. In order to sustainably meet these needs, farms must optimize production. Feeding has a great influence on the health and performance of cows, and on the economic and ecological sustainability of milk production. Optimized protein supply plays a major role, because […]

An overview of Evonik’s Precision-Livestock-Farming-approach | Evonik

Animal health and animal welfare continue to remain our overall higher purpose You can never be sure what kind of lives the animals experience I would love to be able to consume meat with a good conscience That is my vision for PLF. Evoniks approach to precision livestock farming incorporates all of our expertise and […]

Precision-Livestock-Farming and Animal Nutrition | Evonik

Digitalization in farming is something that has been going on now for probably over 20 or 30 years It’s really becoming much more focus now on collecting information and allowing advisors and farmers themselves to analyze all of this information and make good science-based decisions on the information that they have Evoniks approach to precision […]

Precision-Livestock-Farming and Animal Health | Evonik

We know that the world population is growing and since Evonik we are in the health and nutrition business Evonik tries to make sure we help to feed the world Evoniks approach to precision livestock farming is that we make sure we do it the holistic way in order to harness our potentials we have […]

Precision-Livestock-Farming and Animal Farming | Evonik

There is basically a very easy and simple way to bring the farm performance forward Porphyrio is basically one of the future ways in animal farming. It uses the in the meantime available technologies and it puts them into a very applicable practice. I’m personally convinced that for the majority of the successful producers there […]

Using data to optimize poultry production with Prophyrio® | Evonik

Wind Explorer: Traveling Australia with Renewable Energy | Evonik

WIND TECHNOLOGY AND A VISION TO PUSH THE LIMITS WIND EXPLORER We can go anywhere where there is wind. Our gas station is the wind turbine in our car. Who needs a 1000 kg car to transport an 80 kg human. I think it’s high time to change our attitude towards mobility. WIND EXPLORER 5000 […]

CALOSTAT® – Redefining Thermal Insulation | Evonik

Insulation – usually invisible to the eye but felt by the body. Because without insulation it can be too hot or cold. Evonik has developed a new generation of insulation with the CALOSTAT® thermal insulation panel. CALOSTAT delivers an outstanding thermal performance with an extremely low thermal conductivity and is an ideal option for where […]