Chernobyl (2019) | The Cost of Lies Promo | HBO

♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ MAN:This is what has always set our people apart…a thousand years of sacrifice in our veins…and every generation must know its own suffering.I’m making my peace with it.Now you make yours.-(CHATTER OVER RADIO) -WOMAN:To hell with our lives.Someone has to start telling the truth. MAN 2:When this is over…will they […]

Life Changing Inventions of the 20th Century!

From things you use every day to technology you couldn’t live without…stay tuned to number 1 to find out the most important inventions of the 20th century! Number 10: The Radio. Long before there was the Internet, long before there was television, there was the radio. And, despite superior technologies being around today, it’s something […]

Nuclear Power – Dr. Helen Caldicott – Visions of the Future

Can you give me an update on Diablo? What update do you need, except to close it down? In fact, nuclear plants are shutting down faster than new ones are being built. The nuclear industry is a death industry. It’s a cancer industry. This is crazy. You are sitting on top of a nuclear weapon. […]

Nuclear Energy: Humanity’s LAST Hope?

our world is becoming increasingly more complex and connected for 95% of humanity’s existence we didn’t even know about electricity there is a fundamental physical law which states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but only transformed in that sense all the energy we currently use in our homes communications factories among many other […]

Motorcycle Trip to Mongolia Yamaha XT 660 Z – Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant – Part 4

Sorry, it is 0.90 μSv (Mikro). which is equal to 0,01 mSv (Mili) the max level of radiation we were exposed there was – 9 μSv (Mikro) which is equal to 0,01 mSv (Mili) or one dental X ray. On the night of the accident it was 400mSv (Mili) 1,000000 times higher

The Nuclear Reactor: What Does It Do? | Stuff of Genius

– [Narrator] Behold, the nuclear reactor. But what does it do? At a basic level, today’s nuclear reactors break or split atoms. This process, called the nuclear fission, releases the energy that holds an atom together, an energy called strong force. As you might guess from the name, this force binding protons and neutrons is […]

Meet The Abandoned Dogs Living In Chernobyl

– Most people think of Chernobyl as some post-apocalyptic wasteland, best known as the site of one of the world’s worst nuclear explosions. But it’s not. It’s still a home to humans and by extension, a home to these dogs. This is what it’s like to run a dog rescue in Chernobyl, a region filled […]

Chernobyl Disaster: New Safe Confinement | Mind Blowing Facts

This is the Kiev district of Ukraine in Eastern Europe. Once part of the mighty Soviet Union, it became a world of ghost towns and abandoned cities. It’s one of the most radioactive regions on the planet, with over 2 and a half thousand square kilometres deemed uninhabitable. The results of one of the world’s […]

Chernobyl (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

VALERY LEGASOV: All of the good we did…it doesn’t matter.What does matter is that to them, justice was done.See, a just world…is a sane world.There was nothing sane about Chernobyl.♪ (EERIE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ BORIS SHCHERBINA: I’m pleased to reportthat the situation in Chernobyl is stable.In terms of radiation… I’m told it’s the equivalent of […]

22. Past and Future of Nuclear Power

So today, I want to explore the problem that we face, which is much more than a dilemma, it’s a quad-lemma in a way, or a quint-lemma of how we manage our future energy demands and how we invest our resources in alternative forms of energy. And I’m going to spend most of this session […]