1942: UChicago’s race to the first nuclear reaction

RACHEL BRONSON: So in 1939, the world is in a desperate situation. The Nazis are on the move. They seem unstoppable. ROBERT ROSNER: The Germans attacked Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, and the French. They were ruthless. They demonstrated their ruthlessness. RACHEL BRONSON: They seem capable and willing to execute a war of total domination. And the […]

What Causes Sickle Cell…and How Are We Treating It?

Sickle cell disease is a group of inherited blood disorders. In fact, it’s the most commonly inherited blood disorder in the world affecting millions of people worldwide. Once upon a time Sickle Cell was almost impossible to live with but today, we know a lot more about it and it turns out, something as simple […]

The Nuclear Reactor Graveyard

This is Red Gate Woods which makes up just a small part of the almost 70,000 acres of the Forest Preserves of Cook County. Buried below me are the remains of two very important nuclear reactors, one of which was the worlds first successful nuclear reactor. How it ended up being buried here is a […]

Sizing Up “Nuclear Energy”

Narrator: Today, the site of the Chicago Pile-1 is a large bronze sculpture by Henry Moore called “Nuclear Energy.” Peter Vandervoort recalls a conversation that his advisor, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, had with sculptor Henry Moore. Peter Vandervoort: Chicago Pile-1 was constructed on the main floor of the West Stands. The building was eventually […]

The World’s First Human-Made Nuclear Reactor

The world’s first self-sustaining nuclear reaction did not take place in a laboratory nor did it occur in some remote desert, though that might make sense if you’re about to attempt to control a power that no one has ever attempted to control before! Instead, on December 2nd, 1942, a team of forty-nine scientists and […]

Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] As a bleak island, approximately 75 miles wide, it lies 700 nautical miles from the North Pole and is uninhabited except for occasional polar bears. At 6 a.m. on the 5th of September, wind on the island was from the southwest at three knots. Temperature was 26 degrees Fahrenheit and barometric […]

Solar Power ~ easy for everyone ~ intro SOLAR WORKSTATION # 3

Hey everybody! Welcome to videobreakthru! Today, we’re gonna check out The Solar Powered Work Station! Right here, we’ve just about got full sun, this is 45 watts of power and we’ve made it so it comes thru hull or into the house. right there…pretty easy to do… Let’s go inside and check it out!

CounterPoint 212 – Should We Save the EPA

>>Are climate change and dirty atmospheres real or a hoax? Warm winters, more rain, less snow, icebergs melting. Could this just be a coincidence? As we put emissions and carbons into the air while pipelining oil from Canada, we may be disrupting the universe. Can we police ourselves, or do we need the scientists, activists, […]