Turning Waste into Electricity in Suzhou, People’s Republic of China

China’s rapid growth has led to an 8% – 10% annual increase in municipal solid waste making China the world’s second-largest generator of solid waste producing 220 million tons annually. Treating solid waste has become a challenge for many cities. Everydyay, Xinlin Bao and her two co-workers clean the historic Shantung street one of the […]

Charbon : le fossile qui a de beaux restes – #DATAGUEULE 16

If an ember still produces smoke, it means it’s still burning. Hello. There it is at last ! The energy transition has finally happened, farewell polluting petrol and gas, the world’s most used source of energy is… coal. Yes, it is the most polluting fuel, yet we consume it more nowadays than ever before. In […]

Solar Decathlon China 2013

Solar Decathlon (SD), initiated by the U.S. Department of Energy, has been held for six occasions to present. Collegiate students from around the world join the competitions of ten contests, to showcase the trends in solar buildings, and prospects of solar energy applications. They are the innovators, and designers of solar energy applications for the […]