Electric Bike Conversion Kit Options | DIY E Bikes With EMBN

– Off-the-shelf E-bikes are not cheap, that’s very true, but that does not mean to say you cannot build your own using a kit whether you’ve got a mountain bike, a road bike, a cruiser, or a BMX. – Yep, so today, we’ll take a look at a few different options, and the pros and […]

How To Wash An E Bike | Cleaning An Electric Mountain Bike

– It’s great fun getting out there in the mud in the wintry conditions on your e-mountain bike but as fun as it is there’s always going to be the big cleanup after so today I’ll be showing you how to wash your e-mountain bike. For today’s video we are using Muc-Off products however there […]

Electric Inspiration

– [Narrator] New territories, fresh challenges and bigger adventures. From wild single track to complex rock faces, or just some fresh dirt, E-mountain bikes are hauling us into the unknown. There’s never been a better time to cut loose. (logo whooshes) (“Outbreak” by Fasion)

NASA | Tour of the Moon

[silence] [silence] [music] [music] Narrator: To nearly everyone, the moon appears to be a sterile, gray, unchanging world. But while the moon has remained largely unchanged during human history, our own understanding of it has evolved dramatically. Thanks to new observations, we now have not only unprecedented views of its surface, but a whole new […]