How does the electricity-free Coolar refrigerator work?

Hi I’m Christoph one of the co-founders of Coolar This fridge is going to a field test today and before we send it out I’ll explain to you exactly how it works This Coolar fridge runs completely without electricity Instead it uses solar heat to run a sorption cooling cycle in this way it can […]

eForFuel: Fuel from Electricity and CO2

Renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind power can help to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. That’s good for the climate but there is a catch. Solar panels and windmills already produce a lot of power but not necessarily at those times when there is demand for it. Such […]

Professor Damien Giurco – Can the renewable energy revolution support a circular economy?

Good evening everyone, my name is Damien Giurco, and it’s a great pleasure to be here at UTS, asking: can the renewable energy revolution support a circular economy. And to be begin, I want to emphasise that this renewable energy revolution is preceding apace, notwithstanding melon Tony politics in Canberra, but this slide globally, in […]