How Green Roofs Can Help Cities | NPR

This is the largest green roof in New York City. It’s in the middle of bustling Manhattan, on top of the Javits Convention Center— a behemoth of a building with a six-block footprint. But the roof hasn’t always been green. Before 2014, it was totally barren. Now, just a few years later, when people walk […]

How Future Cities Will Change Everything | Unveiled

What Will Our Cities Look Like in 100 Years? Our cities have a major impact on how we live our lives. Traffic, housing, infrastructure . . . all of these play a role in our day-to-day. With urban technologies advancing at breakneck speed, what will our cities look like in the future? Are you a […]

What are Microgrids? | The B1M

With 60% of the human population set to be living in urban areas by 2030 – and pressure on regional and national power grids continuing to grow – a number of cities are now turning towards localised energy production for new developments. As the name suggests, “microgrids” are small scale electrical networks that operate independently, […]

How To Switch Your City To 100% Renewable Energy | One Small Step | NowThis

We’re talking and more. This is an exciting trend when you consider that 70% of our carbon emissions in the US come from cities. If more cities were to make the switch, we could have a real impact on our climate goals. To find out I’m in St. Petersburg, Florida, to talk to the mayor […]

A Trump-supporting Texas city runs on 100% renewable energy

In the heart of Trump country, Texas, one city runs on 100% renewable energy: Georgetown. Population: 70,685. For Republican mayor Dale Ross, the choice to go renewable was a no-brainer. It’s still rare to find a place where renewables are the only source of energy but Georgetown is a sign that it’s possible in a […]