Nascar, Indy Car, NHRA Drag, Hot Rods, & DRIVING 180mph!

good morning everybody walking around downtown Portland this morning just want to get some fresh air before the rain hits got a rain alert it’s gonna rain and thunder all day today so we’ll enjoy the first part of the morning air okay all righty feel the boost ideas I guess this is the headquarters […]

DIY ELECTRIC CONVERSION VW T3 Syncro – Overhaul and improving reliability of our Tesla batteries

And now we will connect the power to be able to drive tonight. Houhou he drives !!! Back for a bit of electricity, because it’s still the goal of this project. It is that Nano our electric van is been powered by the electrical energy stored in our batteries. I am moving the batteries that […]

California Dreamin’ – The Mamas & The Papas

♫ ♫ All the leaves are brown ♫ And the sky is gray ♫ I’ve been for a walk ♫ On a winter’s day ♫ I’d be safe and warm ♫ If I was in LA ♫ California dreamin’ ♫ On such a winter’s day ♫ Stopped in to a church ♫ I passed along […]