Hey Bill Nye, ‘Can We Desalinate Water for Human Consumption on a Massive Scale?’ #TuesdaysWithBill

Hey Bill. This is Amy from Minnesota. I was wondering if — when I was five years old I did this science experiment where we stuck a stick in salt water and it made a crystal. I was wondering if there was, in terms of desalinating water for human consumption, if there is a chemical […]

Stanford Climate Solutions

(soft music) – Stanford University. – Climate change is no longer theoretical. It’s here. Atmospheric CO2 is 40% higher than in preindustrial times. Heat waves are more intense. Droughts are more severe. Wildfire risk is up. Sea levels are rising. Heavier rains are causing devastating floods. Infectious diseases are spreading as mosquito habitat zones expand. […]

Kids React: Donald Trump’s Science Policies

Reporter: What are your views on climate change and how would your administration act on those views? Clinton: When it comes to climate change science is crystal clear Trump: There’s still much that needs to be investigated in the field of climate change. Clinton: As president i’ll set three goals. Trump: Perhaps the best use […]