Climate Change: How Doomed ARE We?

(bouncy music) – All right, so climate change is the existential question that humanity is facing. Just hearing those two words, I can feel my heart rate going up. – [Man] Climate change! – Oh, Oh, There it goes. But here’s my worry, are we too late? Has climate change reached the point of no […]

Youth marches for climate action draw millions around the world

JUDY WOODRUFF: In cities all across the world today, protesters are taking to the streets in record numbers, demanding their leaders reduce greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change. William Brangham talked with several young people in this movement to understand what they want and how they’re going about it. His report, and the conversation […]

Is Coal Country Ready For The Green New Deal? | AJ+

(soft intense music) – [Varshini] The climate crisis is immense. It will require transforming virtually every sector of society imaginable. In that transition, we have to make sure that no person gets left behind. – Senator McConnell, I urge you to consider the constituents that you have thus far ignored. You have taken $1.9 million […]

🔴 Betting on Renewable Energy (w/ Rick Bensignor) | Stock Trade Ideas

Welcome to real visions trade ideas today. We’re sitting down with Rick Benson your CEO of the Benson your group It is great to have you here Justine. Thanks for having me. All right So before we get into your specific trade idea today Could you give us a little bit of an overview of […]