Turning Fossil Fuels Obsolete [Leonardo DiCaprio Found. and Tree Media’s Green World Rising]

The scientific community has spoken. Climate change is happening now and it’s caused by human activity. Fossil fuels – black oil, coal and gas – have created modern society as we now it. But when burned into the atmosphere, carbon causes climate change. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We have the solutions, […]

How Bill Gates-Funded Solar Geoengineering Could Help End Climate Change

The record-number of fires burning across Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has prompted renewed global outcry over climate change and big spending. Five million dollars from Leonardo DiCaprio, 10 million pounds from the U.K. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is backing the first high-altitude experiment of one radical climate change solution, creating a massive chemical cloud that could cool […]

“Carbon neutral” is not enough: Ecosia has built its own solar plants

So here’s the thing, the climate emergency is upon us. And if we want to make it through this, we have to plant millions of trees, which, you know, Ecosia does. But that’s not gonna be enough. We also have to say goodbye to fossil fuels, once and for all, and accelerate the transition to […]