President Obama on America’s Clean Power Plan

(music) The President: Our climate is changing. It’s changing in ways that threaten our economy, our security, and our health. This isn’t opinion; it’s fact, backed up by decades of carefully collected data and overwhelming scientific consensus. And it has serious implications for the way that we live now. We can see it and we […]

Here’s how you save renewables. Switch to better power.

“I would like to see a world where Australians thought environment every time they made a purchasing decision” “We need to use electricity but we don’t need to kill our planet in the process.” “I’m really disappointed that AGL and Energy Australia and Origin are attacking the renewable energy targets.” They’re making this claim that […]

Greenpeace Activists Install Solar Panels On Oil Derrick In Edmonton

We’re in the midst of a growing climate crisis. We need to transition away from highly polluting sources of carbon, like the tar sands and towards renewables. Luckily, here in Alberta we have the most solar and wind potential in the entire country. Solar technology is available here and now, and it’s being utilized across […]

Renewable Energy Explained in 2 1/2 Minutes

energy consumption is a huge part of our daily lives we eat with energy we travel with energy we work with energy and we even flirt with energy today we gather most of our energy from coal, oil and natural gas also known as fossil fuels additionally we gather energy from biomass nuclear and renewables […]