The Environmental Wonderland

Climate change has been dubbed “a mega risk” in scientific literature. No one in particular has caused it, yet it affects everyone. Rising average temperatures on earth due to Greenhouse gas emissions, as well as decreasing snow cover and rising sea levels have had a tangible and visual effect on human societies and a wide […]

Climate change explained: do green policies harm developing economies? | FT

Thank you. Are green energy policies jeopardising the economies of developing countries? This is a hot potato. The answer at the moment is very clearly no, because developing countries in truth have implemented almost no green energy policies, partly because, at least until the Paris accord, they didn’t really have any obligations to do so. […]

As Elon Musk Proposes Taking Over Power Authority, Puerto Ricans Demand Community-Owned Solar Power

AMY GOODMAN: So, as the governor announced they were going to try to cancel this Whitefish Energy contract, on Sunday, we were in the offices of Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo. He is the head of UTIER, the electrical workers’ union in Puerto Rico. We were asking him about Elon Musk’s proposal to make Puerto Rico a […]

Plaid Cymru and Greens hunt Labour as Tories complain over climate debate – The News

 The Greens and Plaid Cymru have clashed with Labour leader Jeremy Cobyn over their parties’ visions to tackle Britain’s reliance on fossil fuels  They locked horns as party leaders took place in a five-way election debate which, for the first time ever, focused on climate change and the environment   But the debate was almost […]

Sarah Hyland Wants You to Protect Our Planet – Now You Know

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Joy, can I ask you something? Sure thing oddly familiar voice. What do you know about climate change? Seems like we’re making good progress with hybrid cars and meatless Mondays. We should be pretty good soon, right? If we don’t change our behavior by 2030, the damage to earth could be permanent, […]

Capitalizing on Resource Productivity & Investment Opportunities – Scott Jacobs, Generate Capital

(applause) – So you guys heard that I worked at McKinsey and you probably are expecting a bunch of slides, but I’m not going to kill you by PowerPoint, I promise. I may kill you because of my voice being difficult today, I’m suffering from a little bit of a cold so bear with me. […]

China Made An Artificial Star 6 Times Hotter Than The Sun

Imagine if we could replace fossil fuels with our very own stars and No, we’re not talking about solar power We’re talking about nuclear fusion and recent research is helping us get there meet the experimental advanced superconducting tokamak East for short East is a fusion reactor in China and now it can reach temperatures […]

Who is leading in renewable energy? | CNBC Explains

All around the world, governments are building more solar parks, wind farms and hydroelectric power plants to generate power. As global warming and climate change continue to take centre stage, which countries are leading in generating power through renewable energy? And what are the challenges preventing mass adoption? In 2018, more than a quarter of […]


Let’s talk about global warming then I want to get to the snowflakes Okay, we were on stage and a woman got up and asked you a question I thought good warming and you went on to explain why you don’t believe in it You said you changed you know, you said you got some […]

How ‘climate procrastination’ has put the planet in peril

JUDY WOODRUFF: The United Nations has released a grim and alarming assessment about the impact of climate change. Even worse, it found that countries around the world are not doing nearly enough right now to slow the damage before it becomes worse. JOHN CHRISTENSEN, Lead Author, United Nations Emissions Gap Report: The probability of avoiding […]