Good News News – Solar Impulse 2 Is Flying Around the World Without Fossil Fuels

Good news! Welcome to Good News News. This good news just in: A plane with absolutely no jet fuel won’t stop flying! That’s right, a 100% solar powered aircraft called Solar Impulse 2 is attempting the first round-the-world solar flight. No fossil fuels to fly? That’s some good news. We’ll see you next time on […]

Turning Animal Waste in Energy in Viet Nam

Its mid-morning in Sóc Sơn District, an hour’s drive north of Hanoi. A team of technicians is setting up a new system for a family to cook their food and heat water. It uses a special fuel made from animal waste known as biogas. This is just one of tens of thousands of biogas units […]

Transforming Air Into Pure Drinking Water Is Finally Possible, Here’s How

Deserts are not particularly welcoming environments, and yet at least hundred million people live in desert regions around the world, according to the UN. They have to make due with less than 25 cm of rainfall each year, and for many, even that miniscule water supply is under threat as climate change is making dry […]

How Solar Panels in Raleigh Improve Your Home Finances

We have had solar for about six months. To me it’s almost a triple benefit because you’re saving money on power, you’re helping the environment, but you can use the $200-$300 dollars that you’re saving every month and then start a college fund for your kids. What made us choose Southern Energy was they were […]

Nuclear Reactor Unprepared For Global Warming

an stunning to fairly innocuous story a reactor at the millstone nuclear plant in waterford connecticut and i remember the nuclear plant will actually i went to a college right around there and uh… the cooler students who would live off campus of which i was not one uh… would off rent make these nice […]

Renewable energy generates more electricity than fossil fuels in UK first – Today News

 Renewable energy generated more electricity than fossil fuel power plants over the past three months, in an eco first for the UK  Wind farms, solar panels, biomass and hydropower plants generated around 29.5 terawatt hours of power  That is higher than the 29.1 for power stations fired by coal, gas and oil, climate website Carbon […]

Motherboard TV: The Thorium Dream (Documentary)

let’s travel into the future what will we see I could sit there all day you could sit there for a month and postulate it at what the effects of the world switching over to thorium energy would have been its almost unfathomable I think it’s always been the right time for thorium I think […]

Can We Spread Nuclear Power Without Another Chernobyl?

On the 26th of April, 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant burst open, releasing a massive amount of radiation which rendered a 1000-square-mile area completely uninhabitable. Then, a couple weeks ago, there was an explosion at an oil refinery in Philadelphia, just a couple miles from my house. My dad actually heard the explosion, and […]

What If We Burned ALL the Fossil Fuels? | Hot Mess 🌎

Buried beneath your feet are trillions of tons of dead plants and algae. Over millions of years, their carbon-rich bodies have been compressed under so much heat and pressure that they’ve transformed into energy-rich fossils. In fact, we call them ‘fossil fuels’ since we burn them to release their energy. But burning this coal, oil […]

Climate justice in Sápmi: Jonas Vannar, Reindeer herder

JOKKMOKK SCHWEDEN Rentiere sind keine Kühe. Sie eignen sich nicht für ein Leben hinter Zäunen. Sie sind die Rotwildart mit dem größten Bewegungsdrang. Sie sind an ein freies Leben gewöhnt Jonas Vannar Rentierhirte und suchen sich ihr Futter selbst. Wenn man zu viele von ihnen auf zu engem Raum einsperrt, werden sie krank. Das ist […]