3 Ways Trees Can Save the Climate (With Our Help)

Hey smart people, Joe here. Fact: Earth is experiencing climate change on a scale and pace never before seen since our species has been on the planet, and we’re causing it by pumping more heat-trapping carbon into the atmosphere than Earth’s natural systems can take out. Now fixing a problem as massive as climate change […]

Andrew Yang’s Climate Change Plan

ANDREW YANG: The reality is the last four years have already been the four warmest years in recorded history. Even as we’re attacking emissions we need to start researching innovative methods to address climate change. DREW MAGRATTEN: Andrew Yang has a unique plan to fix the climate and it’s unlike anything introduced so far. Yang […]

A Big Reason UN Climate Talks Aren’t Working

For the last 25 years the world’s leaders have come together to try to tackle the climate crisis. Yet here we are, a quarter of a century later and our emissions have never been higher. So what’s going on? It’s actually pretty simple. Just take a look at what happened at the United Nations climate […]

Wisconsin’s energy future is bright.

(upbeat music) – I have grandchildren, I actually have great-grandchildren, and I really do believe in the idea that we have an obligation to take care of the planet. – I’m really excited about Wisconsin’s energy future right now. I feel like our clean energy future is bright. (applause) – I’ve been working in clean […]

Chase Bank Sit-In With Jane Fonda: Stop The Money Pipeline

BILL MCKIBBEN: Hello there can we speak to the manager please. MANAGER:Yes I’m the manager Bill McKibben. MANAGER: Nice to meet you MCKIBBEN: This is Reverend Lenox. REVEREND LENNOX YEARWOOD: Nice to meet you. MCKIBBEN: So we’re representing a whole coalition of environmental groups and Chase is as you know the biggest funder of fossil […]

Jane Fonda’s Message To Chase Bank

Hi, I’m Jane Fonda. This video is not for you. It’s for someone else. That person is … Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase. But I need your help to get it to him, okay? And if we succeed, it could help stop the climate crisis. Right now, the oil, gas and coal companies are laying […]

Greta Thunberg at Davos 2020: Divest From Fossil Fuels

One year ago, I came to Davos and told you that our house is on fire. I said I wanted you to panic. I’ve been warned that telling people to panic about the climate crisis is a very dangerous thing to do. But don’t worry. It’s fine. Trust me. I’ve done this before and I […]

Andrew Yang on US in the World Presidential Candidate Interview Series | NowThis

– I’m Elise Labott and this is the ‘US In The World’ presidential candidate interview series. We’re sponsored by a coalition of leading nonprofit organizations, and we’re asking the candidates their views on the challenges and the opportunities facing the U.S. beyond our borders. I’m here with Andrew Yang. Mr. Yang, thanks for joining us. […]