More Climate Buzzwords You Need to Know | NowThis

Environmental justice is an important part of addressing the climate crisis because underserved communities usually feel the impacts of climate change This includes having Being exposed to unhealthy air and water can lead to real health impacts, including asthma. Environmental justice calls for the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people— regardless of race, […]

Stanford Climate Solutions

(soft music) – Stanford University. – Climate change is no longer theoretical. It’s here. Atmospheric CO2 is 40% higher than in preindustrial times. Heat waves are more intense. Droughts are more severe. Wildfire risk is up. Sea levels are rising. Heavier rains are causing devastating floods. Infectious diseases are spreading as mosquito habitat zones expand. […]

How Much Energy Does the Internet Use? | Hot Mess ๐ŸŒŽ

About half the world has internet access. That’s 3.6 billion people surfing the web. How much energy is that using? And what is our online world doing to our planet’s climate? Hey Alexa, how much electricity do you use? “Hmm I’m not sure” No worries, that’s what we’re here for. [OPEN] Hey! I’m Miriam, and […]

What If We Burned ALL the Fossil Fuels? | Hot Mess ๐ŸŒŽ

Buried beneath your feet are trillions of tons of dead plants and algae. Over millions of years, their carbon-rich bodies have been compressed under so much heat and pressure that they’ve transformed into energy-rich fossils. In fact, we call them ‘fossil fuels’ since we burn them to release their energy. But burning this coal, oil […]

UQx DENIAL101x Full interview with Michael Ranney

My name is Michael Ranney. I’m a professor here at the University of California at Berkeley. I tend to do research on things that basically are the intersection of three different realms: one realm is science cognition; the other one is about mathematical cognition, particularly numeracy; and, finally, I’m also interested in things that are […]

Using Space Mirrors to Cool the Globe | Hot Mess ๐ŸŒŽ

Humans are running a dangerous experiment on our planet. We’re putting more and more carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere, which are trapping the sun’s energy, and lo and behold, our planet is heating up in response. To fix this, we could cut carbon dioxide emissions, but that’s been hard. What if there […]

Your Climate Change Conscience – feat. Al Gore

[PBS Bumper] [Intro] You know what’s fun? Puppies. Waterslides. Puppies on waterslides. You know what isn’t fun? Thinking about the climate change induced end of the world. And being told it’s your fault. And that the problem is so massive it’ll take all of humanity working together to avoid the collapse of basically everything we […]

Could Everyone Have Solar Power? | Hot Mess ๐ŸŒŽ

Look around at houses these days and something might jump out – there’s a lot of shiny roofs! By the end of 2016 in the U.S., over 1 million homes had solar panels, with four times as many installed that year compared to just four years earlier. But if you don’t own the roof over […]

How Close Are We to Zero-Emissions Electricity?

We’ve all heard the statements and stats about the ominous timeline our planet is on. To avoid the worst effects of climate change––from natural disasters to mass extinction––we know that we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. And fast. And when we stop literally lighting things on fire to power our world, we can […]

Renewable energy is way too expensive, right?

– Renewable energy, it’s a nice fad but it’s way too expensive. What about poor people? It’s all very well for those rich movie stars to drive around in their fancy Prius’s and Teslas. But there’s a billion people in the world who don’t have access to energy of any kind. Are you telling me […]