Sarah Hyland Wants You to Protect Our Planet – Now You Know

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Joy, can I ask you something? Sure thing oddly familiar voice. What do you know about climate change? Seems like we’re making good progress with hybrid cars and meatless Mondays. We should be pretty good soon, right? If we don’t change our behavior by 2030, the damage to earth could be permanent, […]

How These Farmers Are Confronting the Climate Crisis | NowThis

– Average temperatures of the globe is continuing to go up— which, by the way, is a consensus. It’s 99.9% scientists are on the same page about this now. – 20 years ago, I was preaching that it was a hoax. When you get out of your own backyard, and you talk to people, and […]

Ted Kaczynski – Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How | A Critique

Intro Last time I did a summary of the main line of argumentation that Ted Kaczynski presented in his last book Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How. If you’re interested, check it out. Now, I’m interested in looking critically at the work. My aim here isn’t to nitpick every single little thing, a lack of rigor […]

More Climate Buzzwords You Need to Know | NowThis

Environmental justice is an important part of addressing the climate crisis because underserved communities usually feel the impacts of climate change This includes having Being exposed to unhealthy air and water can lead to real health impacts, including asthma. Environmental justice calls for the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people— regardless of race, […]

The Climate Crisis Buzzwords You Need to Know | NowThis

Greenhouse gases, also called GHGs, are gases in the atmosphere that are both They include These gases cause our atmosphere to warm because they absorb radiation emitted by the Earth’s atmosphere and trap heat. The more greenhouse gases we release into the atmosphere by doing things like burning gas and coal, And scientists have sounded […]

EarthTech Challenge 2019 – Are you up for the Challenge?

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Most Extreme Weather On Other Planets I business news I astronomy

Sulfuric acid raining from the sky epic dust storms raging for months on end and Giant hurricanes that could swallow earth whole if you think earth has some bad weather Think again Mercury has little to no atmosphere and therefore no real weather to speak of but you would feel the full brunt from the […]