Your Waifu is Trash 2: White Liberal Environmentalism

Hi, Anarchaboy here! Welcome to my series, ‘Your Waifu is Trash’. This time we’re talking about white liberal ­environmentalism. My main argument is that white liberal environmentalism has the same blindspots as white liberalism. This manifests in how it replicates the ableist, racist and pro-capitalist biases of mainstream Western society. Often, instead of looking for […]

Modeling Our Climate

When we need to study something in science that is too large or complex to easily work with, we’ll often make a model of it in order to recreate it in a simpler way. You might not realize it, but we actually use models all the time in our everyday lives. They can be static […]

Congressional Candidates Pledge to Move Off Fossil Fuels

GREGORY WILPERT: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Gregory Wilpert coming to you from Quito, Ecuador. The United States experienced one of the worst years of climate and weather disasters in 2017. With damages exceeding 306 billion dollars according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Still, in January the US has all ready […]

Yakima Basin Integrated Plan: Habitat and Agricultural Improvements

[music] NARRATOR: In Washington’s Yakima River Basin, we can achieve more together than we can apart. [music] JUSTIN: Well there’s only so much water in the Yakima Basin, and everybody needs water. The fish need water, and our plants need water. So you have to start deciding, “What’s a fair way to divvy it up?” […]

#betd2019 Ministerial: Mission Possible – Challenges and Solutions for the Energy Transition

What are the central challenges and solutions for the energy transition? The energy market is in full transition. We are seeing decarbonization, increasing renewables and improvements in infrastructure around the globe. This transition process is creating new challenges which need to be addressed. How do you provide clean and reliable energy at minimum cost? How […]

Using Space Mirrors to Cool the Globe | Hot Mess 🌎

Humans are running a dangerous experiment on our planet. We’re putting more and more carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere, which are trapping the sun’s energy, and lo and behold, our planet is heating up in response. To fix this, we could cut carbon dioxide emissions, but that’s been hard. What if there […]