S. Korea to cut operation of coal-fired power plants this winter to tackle fine dust pollution

the South Korean government plans to operate a fewer coal-fired power plants over the winter to tackle find US pollution it’s the first time such measures are carried out during the cold season when demand for energy is high kim jae hee explains further between 8 and 15 coal power plants in South Korea will […]

How Coal Thermal Power Stations Work (Part 3)

Big Coal Trashed the Climate and Got Away With It – Live News 247

 We have wasted so much time. Despite decades of urgent warnings from scientists about a looming climate crisis, global carbon emissions have continued to climb year after year, amplifying and compounding the challenge the world faces to avert catastrophe A new UN report reveals that global temperatures are now on track to rise by 3.9 […]

How Coal Fired Thermal Power Stations Work

Using Coal to Generate Electricity

In a thermal power station, like the Boundary Dam Power Station near Estevan, coal is burned in a boiler to convert water to steam. The steam goes into a turbine, which turns a shaft. This shaft is connected to a generator that makes power as it turns. A condenser converts the spent steam from the […]

S. Korea to reduce fine dust emission from coal -fired power by more than 90% and…

Safia we’ll commercialize the next generation of solar batteries and push forward its planned to double the current mileage of electric vehicles by the year 2030 it will also develop a technology to reduce finder submission from cold energy plant by more than 90 percenter this is according to the energy ministry’s R&D strategy for […]

Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world…yet

– [Cory] It may not look like it, but I’m creating one of the strongest and most versatile materials on Earth, graphene. You’ve probably heard buzz about it. Graphene made big waves back in 2004, and it’s knocked around science news ever since. – A global race for graphene. – You know, it’s not just […]

How can we use wind power when there’s no wind?

“What happens when the wind isn’t blowing, the tide is turning and someone wants a cup of hot chocolate in the night? If it was up to environmentalists the answer would be ‘tough you’ll have to go without’.” Anybody who’s a fan of wind or solar power has heard the argument that the wind doesn’t […]

Dr. James Hansen – Nuclear, Solar, Wind

The World Health Organization has concluded fossil fuel air pollution kills over 3.5 million people per year that’s 10,000 people per day 10,000 people is more than have been killed by nuclear power in the history of the planet you know so we have to- be objective comparing environmental impacts of different energy sources The […]