Top Inventions of Nikola Tesla! Inventor of modern electricity!

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor who lived from July 1856 to January 1943 perhaps you have not heard of him by name but you will have undoubtedly heard of his many inventions so let’s look at the top inventions of Nikola Tesla see how many of these inventions you still use today number […]

Build an electric transformer (DIY)

CONSTRUCTION A TRANSFORMER The transformer is an electrical component designed to change the level of voltage and current, according to need. Operation Electronic devices used to operate at different voltage levels delivered by the public. To operate these devices require a transformer. A transformer consists of a core of laminated silicon iron, on which is […]

HACKED!: 6V Electric Generator UPGRADE to 12V!

As you might know me and my friends love riding our old isms on mopeds which as you can see after over 30 years of usage still work without a problem, but The electrical system of one of them is a bit weird Since it uses around 12 volt AC RMS for the headlights While […]

Simple generator: AC electric generator for science fair

How do electric kettles work? – Kitchen Appliance Explained

How does an electric kettle work? At the bottom of your kettle you’ll find a metal coil. By running a large electrical current through this coil,… …the resistance of the element’s material turns the electrical energy into heat. Because the coil is in contact with the cold water, it heats it up. Some kettles have […]

The Journey of Electrical Energy

Who of us hasn’t left the TV on, even though we are not watching? Who hasn’t left the lights on, even though we are not in the room? Nowadays, electric power is regarded as a common commodity. Just as the sun rises every day, we believe that electricity simply is there. Electricity appears to be […]


Boaty-Mc-Gun-Face… Fire! Say hello to my little friend…! This video has been sponsored by World of Warships: Legends, for the Xbox one and PS4 Last time World of Warships sponsored us, we built an awesome railgun inspired by the US navy’s version capable of hitting Mach 7. This time we’re building something even cooler, a […]

The Secret Tesla Generator Plans and Free Electricity

How to Make Simplest and Powerful Wireless electricity transfer project (Urdu)

Welcome to Pakistan Science Club Here we are with a new project and that is Simple wireless electricity transmission we will make it by using very simple components The things we require are Scotch tape either 1 cm width or wider copper wire of gauge 26-28 a capacitor of 3000 micro farad 3 silicon diodes […]

How to Make Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit Using LED Lights

How to Make Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit Using LED Lights How to Make Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit Using LED Lights