Autonomous Dead Zone Boat

Hypoxia or dead zone is a region in a lake where the dissolved oxygen is below a certain threshold. Fish and bottom feeders in that area basically are suffocating. You have fish decomposing, stuff like that, that contributes to algae. That creates algal blooms and algae can be toxic. So right now we’re on the […]

Solar-powered color

Solar energy is the only energy source that we can rely on to survive in the future. We would like to maximize the utilization of solar energy so what we have achieved here is colored solar cells you know the red stripes the blue background they are actually working solar cells. You want this material […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Panels Overview

(long note) – [Thomas Jenkins] What we have here on our roof, are two different types of solar photovoltaic panels. On the right, is what’s called polycrystalline, which is a typical panel that is in use today. Next to it, on the left, we have a new type of system that uses a concentrating lens, […]

June Energy: Portable solar panels

I was born and raised in Mali, West Africa from a low class family. i was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh which is the commercial capital but my father was from a very very poor village and a very poor family in Bangladesh Everything was pretty much limited. So it was tough growing up. Lack of […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Marquee

(dramatic music) -[Thomas Jenkins] Here we have an example of what’s called a stand-alone solar photovoltaic system. Stand alone is one of the three main groups of your solar photovoltaic applications. The other two are grid connect, where we connect to a standard electrical outlet or grid-tied system. The third system is called direct connect. […]

Renewable Energy: Fuel Cell Model

[long note] – [Thomas Jenkins] What I’d like to demonstrate today is something called a fuel cell. You’ve probably heard a lot about it in the news, but a fuel cell is a device that will take hydrogen gas and convert that into electricity. But it doesn’t burn the hydrogen. The hydrogen is not burned […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Panels

(long note) – What we have here is typical photovoltaic panels, they are made of silicon, much like your electronic devices, that run computers, they’re silicon chips. And they convert the sunlight, the light itself, directly into electricity without any moving parts. The placement of this solar panel, and the orientation of the solar panel […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Panel System Components

[long note] -[Thomas Jenkins] Many homeowners have heard about solar energy and are interested in solar energy, and this is a what’s called a photovoltaic system, photovoltaic indicating that the sunlight is converted directly to electricity through these what’s called PV, photovoltaic panels. And this is a demonstration system that would, in affect, showcase all […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Thermal Stirling Engine

[long note] – [Thomas Jenkins] What we’re demonstrating today is a device which concentrates solar energy onto what’s called a stirling engine. A stirling engine converts the thermo energy, which is heat energy, as opposed to the light energy from the sun. And converts it into mechanical energy. The solar thermal heat is being concentrated […]

Renewable Energy: Thin Film Solar Panels

(dramatic electronic music) -[Thomas Jenkins] Thin-film is a little bit different technology for contrsucting photovoltaic panels. They have some advantages, and they also have some disadvantages. Basically, the advantage is lighter weight and flexible design. So, they can be molded to different shapes. However, in this case, they are mounded in, sort of, traditional panels. […]