Adam Ruins Everything – The Corporate Conspiracy to Blame You for Their Trash

People are blaming us for the litter problems. Well, I won’t stand for it! (crowd exclaiming) Hear, hear! Coca-Cola is tired of making a bunch of garbage and then getting yelled at for making all that garbage. Philip Morris concurs. When you think about it, it’s the customer’s fault for throwing our garbage away. (man) […]

Going Nuclear with Neil deGrasse Tyson

– Nuclear power, exactly what is it? What is happening inside of that reactor aside from making superheros? (upbeat music) – We learned in the 19th century that there’s certain elements that we dig out of the ground that are warm when there’s no other source of heat going on. So we said hmm, what’s […]

Bad Boys On TikTok

What’s up, Greg, I hope you’re all having a great day! Welcome back to my channel, and welcome back to another episode of “How To Be a Bad Boy.” That’s right, in my last video I showed you tips and tricks on how to be a good boy, but today, we’re taking all of it […]

WISSEN! – Atomenergie | Gute Arbeit Originals

It’s the great dream of mankind: unlimited energy. With the invention of nuclear energy this dream is close to become true. But nuclear energy is first of all one thing: fascinating and dangerous. But where does this term come from: “nu-clear energy”? The term derives from Latin and means something like “concerning nuclear energy”. But […]

Nukey – The little nuclear rod (anti nuclear power clip)

Heeeeelllooo, my name is Nukey – the little nuclear rod! I’m soooooooo full of engergy and absolutly controllable! …not Therefore I’m much better and more fun than this stinky, gay windcraft. Sometimes I could nearly burst because of all that fresh and clean energy…. Hahahahaha. Hahahahaaa.

Season 4, Episode 73 – Under the Weather | Red vs. Blue

*Intro Music* Tucker: *Groaning* Church: Man, he sounds terrible. Caboose: Yeah, he’s been like that since the swamp. Church: Swamp? You guys were at a swamp? Caboose: Yeah. It was dark and swampy. I WASN’T SCARED AT ALL. Church: Is this why you guys came home so fast? Caboose: No… we came home because the […]

The 2nd Heliocentric Revolution – feat. Copernicus [RAP NEWS 22]

This is Rap News, adjust your mental tuning. Hello, fellow children of the industrial revolution. We’ve come of age, but our age seems to be running out of steam …as well as oil, coal, gas, water and old trees. We face a crisis: in spite of our advancement and science, the ratio of Energy expended […]

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #66

– Prepare to learn some crazy things about this world, because here are 50 amazing facts to blow your mind. Researchers at Ohio State University have discovered something that they’re calling experience talking, it’s where, while reading a book or story, people actually change their behavior or thoughts to match those of a fictional character […]

Science Song: Clean Energy

SOPHIE: Oh hi scientists! Sophie here. I’m a little winded thinking about all the different types of energy we use. [fast beat starts] [singing] We all use energy to live our lives when you drive a car or exercise but all forms of energy aren’t the same in fact some of them are pretty lame […]

How Trump Has Made China Great Again: The Daily Show

With his trip concluded, it’s worth taking a step back to look at how Trump’s policies toward Asia are actually working. Because, while Donald Trump is gaining friends, America is losing money and power. For instance, in his very first week as president, Trump pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a decision many people agreed […]